What is your favorite food? Why?, Do you think you eat healthily? , Do you sometimes eat too much?, Do you like to cook?, Are you a good cook or a bad cook?, Do you usually eat dessert? , Do you prefer a big breakfast, lunch or dinner?, What do you usually eat for breakfast?, What do you usually eat for lunch?, What do you usually eat for dinner?, What is your favourite restaurant? Why?, What do you eat when you are happy? sad? tired?, Describe a national food from your country., How often do you drink alcohol?, How often do you eat fruit and vegetables?, Do you eat rice every day?, Do you eat meat every day?, What is your favorite type of pizza?, What is the last snack you ate?, What did you eat today?, Name 3 red foods, Name 3 blue foods, Name 3 green foods, Name 3 yellow foods, Name 3 orange foods, Name 3 purple foods, Name 3 white foods, Name 3 brown foods, How can you improve your diet?, What will you eat for lunch/dinner today?, What is a food you love/hate?, Name one hot food, Name one cold food, Name one spicy food, Name one sweet food, Name one sour food, Name three breakfast foods, Name three lunch foods, Name three dinner foods, Are you a vegetarian?.


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