1 How do you ____ so much studying to do?Do you even have time for yourself? 2 Simon Green was my ____ – I haven't seenhim for a long time. 3 Janet wants to stay at home tonight and ____ her French exam. 4 At my university, you can only ____ one subject per year. 5 We decided to ____ lessons on Thursday andwork on the final project. 6 It's important to ____ and get better every day. 7 I try to ____ every subject at school but sometimes it is difficult. 8 To study at this univerisity you need to pass the ____. 1. I think it should be ____ to study threelanguages at school.2 Please ____ to the instructions or youwill fail the exam! 3 She has many ____ activities so she doesn't have much time for her friends. 4 I learnt this poem ____ when I was at school but I don't remember it now. 5 I didn't use to ____ Scott when I was a teenager. 6 In the future I want to ____ in English so I can become an English teacher. 7 Yesterday I sent an email to my teacher to ____ my homework. 8 Which ____ would you like to do next year?




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