1) The price of petrol has ______ recently. (increased) a) gone up b) gone with c) gone on d) gone in 2) How does she ____ on such a small salary? (to manage to live or do a particular thing using only the money, knowledge, equipment that you have) a) get up b) get with c) get on d) get by 3) She ____ people who haven't been to university. (to think you are better than someone) a) turns on b) looks down on c) goes to d) looks up to 4) When you visit Newcastle, we can ____ you ____ for a few nights. (to let someone stay at your home) a) put on b) set up c) put up d) put in 5) When my grandfather died, my mother _____ a lot of money. (inherit) a) came with b) came to c) came down to d) came into 6) Alice has recently ____________ guitar lessons. (start a new hobby) a) looked up b) set up c) taken down d) taken up 7) We decided to _____ the meeting until the following week. (postpone) a) put off b) call off c) sign up d) sign off 8) When do British schools _____ for the summer? (close for the holidays) a) close up b) break up c) leave up d) get down 9) There are very few politicians you can ______ these days, aren't there? (respect and admire) a) take to b) look down on c) take after d) look up to 10) Two masked men ____ a bank in the cenetre of Manchester early this morning. They got away with nearly £20,000. (robbed) a) took up b) held up c) held off d) take down 11) He can ____________________as a lively person. (to behave in a way that makes people believe that you have a particular characteristic) a) come across b) come up with c) come to d) come up 12) If you don't do your homework, you will _____________________ (to achieve less than someone or something else) a) lag behind b) put back c) fall through d) fall in 13) She was really hurt and upset when the critics severely criticised her latest novel. a) pulled down b) pulled apart c) pulled aside d) pulled through 14) In my school days I was always being reprimanded by the teachers for being naughty. a) killed off b) set off c) taken off d) told off 15) Although I like going to the gym it leaves me feeling exhausted. a) washed away b) washed out c) tired out d) knocked out


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