I matter, and what I have to offer this world also matters, Failure is great feedback, I learn from my challenges and always find ways to overcome them, The future is good, and I look toward it with hope and happiness, I can do whatever I focus my mind on, All my problems have solutions, I am open to all possibilities, I am who I want to be starting right now, I belong, and I am good enough, I surround myself with people who treat me well, I choose to fully participate in this existence, I am becoming better with each day, I have people who care about me and will help me if I need it, I am always learning more about who I am and what matters to me, I love myself, My dreams are achievable, I stand up for myself because I matter, When there is a bump in the road, I keep going, I am not defined by what others think of me, I am loved and matter to many people.

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