1) ______ is my favorite thing to do at weekends. a) To shop b) Shopping 2) I would like ______ to a Greek island. a) to go b) going 3) I hate ________. a) to clean b) cleaning 4) Sam was happy _______ you.  a) to see b) seeing  5) You should avoid ________ too much sugar. a) to eat b) eating 6) I decided ________ smoking. a) to give up b) giving up 7) Don't forget ________ some milk. a) to buy b) buying 8) He promised ________ texting other women. a) to stop b) stopping  9) Although I failed many times, I keep ________. a) to try b) trying 10) After my accident, I decided _________ to dancing. a) not to get back b) not getting back 11) This option seems _____ better. a) to be b) being 12) I don't spend time ________. a) to complain b) complaining 13) She offered ________ me. a) to help b) helping 14) Last year, I managed ________to my New Year's resolutions. a) to stick b) sticking 15) I am planning ________to Mauritius this year. a) to go b) going 16) Amy is easy __________ to.  a) to talk b) talking 17) I prefer _________ time with my family than with my friends. a) to spend b) spending 18) I need ________ junk food. a) to cut back on b) cutting back on 19) There's no point in ________ angry with him. a) to get b) getting 20) I don't mind _________you with your homework. a) to help b) helping 21) I arrived home only ________ that I had left my keys at work. a) to find b) finding 22) If you want to try something new I recommend __________ guitar lessons. a) to take up b) taking up 23) At what time do you finish ________ today? a) to work b) working 24) He denied __________ her wallet. a) to steal b) stealing 25) I miss _________ time with you! a) to spend b) spending 26) You really need to learn _________ more slowly. a) to speak b) speaking 27) It's ok if you don't feel like __________ tonight. We can go tomorrow. a) to go out b) going out 28) She absolutely loves __________ unemployed! a) to be b) being 29) Kim is saving money ________ a new car. a) to buy b) buying 30) He is way too young _______ out late at night. a) to stay b) staying

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