1) I'm your teacher. I start. “Why haven't you brought your books to class?” 2) I'm your friend. I start. “Shall we go to the cinema on Saturday night?” 3) I work in a bank. Money has gone missing from your account. You start. 4) I’m a hotel receptionist. You have no hot water in your bathroom. You start. 5) I'm a shop assistant. I start. “Would you like to try that skirt on?” 6) I'm a new student at your school. I start. “Excuse me. Could you tell me where the gym is, please?” 7) I’m your boss. You want all next week off. You start. 8) I’m your friend. You want me to lend you £5. You start. 9) I’m your flatmate. I start. “Shall we go shopping tonight?” 10) I work in a baker’s. You want to order a birthday cake for your friend. You start. 11) I’m your boss. I start. “Can you come in an hour earlier tomorrow?” 12) I’m a librarian. You want to borrow a gardening book called Green Fingers. You start. 13) You’re on a train and discover you have lost your ticket. I start. “Tickets, please.” 14) I’m the school secretary. You’ve lost your scarf. You start. 15) I’m your friend. I start. “Can you help me with my English homework tonight, please?” 16) You’re in a post office. You want to send a parcel overseas. You start. 17) You're a dentist's receptionist. I start. “Can I make an appointment with Mr Lewis, please?” 18) I'm your friend. You forgot my birthday. You start. 19) I'm your teacher. I start. “Why weren't you in class yesterday?” 20) I work in a restaurant. You want to complain about the slow service. You start. 21) I'm your aunt. I start. “Would you like to come to dinner on Sunday?” 22) I'm your neighbour. You want me to look after your cat while you are on holiday for two weeks. You start. 23) I work at a travel agent's. I start. “Where were you thinking of going on holiday?” 24) We're classmates. You want to borrow my notes because you were absent yesterday. You start. 25) I’m your doctor. I start. “Are you in any pain?” 26) I’m your friend. I start. “Do you fancy going to the football match on Sunday?” 27) I’m a clothes shop assistant. You’re returning a T-shirt with a hole in it. You start. 28) I’m your cousin. I start. “Have you watched the DVD I lent you?” 29) I’m a florist. You want to send some flowers for a friend’s birthday. You start. 30) I’m your work colleague. I start. “Do you know where the boss is?” 31) I’m your neighbour. You want to borrow my lawn mower. You start. 32) We’re friends. You want us to go to a restaurant I don’t like. You start. 33) I’m your flatmate. I start. “Shall we watch a documentary this evening?” 34) We’re flat mates. You don’t like me leaving dirty dishes in the sink. You start. 35) I’m an assistant in a shoe shop. I start. “What size do you take?” 36) You’ve had your purse stolen. I’m a police officer. You start. 37) I’m your English teacher. I start. “What didn’t you understand in the exercise?” 38) I’m a travel agent and you were not pleased with the hotel I booked for you. You start. 39) I’m a visitor to your town. I start. “Can you recommend a good restaurant in town?” 40) You’re in London and want to know which underground train to get to Madame Tussauds. You start. 41) I'm your flatmate. I start. “Have you seen my car keys?” 42) I work in a supermarket. You think I've given you the wrong change. You start. 43) I'm a stranger. I start. “Could you tell me where the train station is, please?” 44)  We're neighbours. You're going to have a noisy party on Saturday. You start. 45) I'm a hotel receptionist. I start. “Would you like a room with a sea view?” 46) I'm your English teacher. You're late for class. You start. 47) I'm your friend. I start. “Are you going to Charlotte's birthday party?” 48) I'm a shop assistant. You are looking for a CD for a friend's birthday. You start.

Language Exam Situations B2 - Part 2


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