1) Choose the correct sentence: a) She have got a nice car. b) I have got pets. c) They has got money. 2) Choose the correct sentence: a) I has got blue eyes. b) You has got blond hair. c) My sister has got long hair. 3) Select the negative sentence: a) We haven`t got a computer. b) My mum has got a new scarf. c) Has she got short hair? 4) Have you got long hair? a) No, you have. b) Yes, I have. c) No, they haven`t. 5) Has he got a beard ? a) Yes, they have. b) No, I haven`t c) No, he hasn`t 6) Has your best friend got brown eyes? a) yes, he does. b) yes, he has. c) No, I haven`t 7) Select the short form: a) I`ve got a long neck. b) We have got black eyes. c) The camel has got brown fur. 8) Select the short form: a) My friend has got apples in the basket. b) He has got a lot of flowers. c) We`ve got a big school. 9) I, You, We, They go with... a) has got b) is c) have got 10) He, She, It go with.... a) have got b) has got c) are

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