categorising - On this paper you've got two circles. In this circle, draw two things you only wear in winter and in the other circle two things you only wear in summer., inferring - Listen to these people's voices. Which person sounds happy?, ranking - Cut out the five pictures of food. Stick your favourite one here at the top and write the name under it. Then put your next favourite one under it, and so on., predicting - Look at these letters and then try to find the animal word I'm thinking of. Are you ready? First word: D-O, Next word: S-N- , next one: C - A, risk-taking - Who can name 10 animals that live on the farm?, describing routines or states - We usually start the lesson with the 'Hello' song and finish with a question ball., scanning - There are four texts about food around the world. Look at them quickly and match the four headings to the four texts.,

TKT: YL Part 1 summarizing activity


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