1) I often use action rhymes with my class because __________ help the children to associate words with meanings. a) the words that rhyme b) the movements c) the tunes 2) I find computer games where children put sentences in the right order to make a story can be useful because children get _______ . a) immediate feedback on their answers b) the chance to invent interesting stories c) plenty of listening practice 3) Making origami animals in class is particularly useful for practising ________. a) the words for different animals b) listening for gist c) following instructions 4) Word search puzzles can be a useful way of ________. a) practising reading comprehension b) improving learners' word stress c) reviewing a lexical set 5) When I'm showing a DVD clip for the first time, I sometimes turn the sound down and ask the children to ____________ what the characters are saying. a) repeat b) imagine c) translate 6) I like making a video of my classes acting out little stories because they _________ . a) realise their pronunciation is not very good b) want to practise until they can do it really well c) can see whose acting skills are particularly good 7) I find that flashcards are particularly useful for illustrating _______. a) concrete vocabulary items b) lexical chunks c) words that are hard to translate


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