1) Sam _______ fish, but she ________ meat. a) eat, doesn't eat b) eats, doesn't eat c) eats, don't eats d) eat, don't eat 2) ______ you like listening to jazz music? No, I ______. a) Does, doesn't b) Do, doesn't c) Is, don't d) Do, don't 3) ______ your brother play football? a) Do b) Does c) Don't d) Doesn't 4) Where _______ your uncle play golf? a) do b) does c) don't  d) doesn't 5) My sister ______ like getting up early in the morning. a) do b) does c) don't d) doesn't 6) ______ you make dinner for your family? No, I ______. a) Do, don't b) Do, doesn't c) Does, don't d) Does, doesn't 7) My aunt and uncle _______ German. a) don't speak b) don't speaks c) doesn't speaks d) doesn't speak 8) When ________ you do your homework? a) don't b) doesn't c) do d) does 9) We ________ to school at the weekend. a) do go b) don't go c) goes d) doesn't go 10) What time ________ to the gym? a) does you go b) you goes c) you go d) do you go

Present Simple - Interrogative and negative form


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