1) She _________ to school in the morning. a) walk b) walking c) walks d) walkes 2) Hannah _________ to the gym in the evening. a) goes b) go c) is going d) going 3) My dad is a mechanic. He _________ cars. a) is repairing b) repair c) repairs d) repaires 4) Mary _________ her lunch at 1 o'clock every day. a) is eating b) eat c) eats d) eating 5) My uncle is a teacher. He _________ children. a) teaches b) teachs c) is teaching d) teaching 6) My sister _________ tennis every day. a) plais b) playes c) is plays d) plays 7) They _________ their homework in the afternoon. a) does b) do c) are doing d) doing 8) My brother _________ five languages. a) speak b) speakes c) speaks d) speaking 9) Sue _________ her room every week. a) tidys b) is tidy c) is tidying d) tidies 10) My cousins ________ in Russia. a) live b) lives c) is live d) are living 11) Maria ________ a violin lesson every Wednesday. a) have b) haves c) has d) is having 12) John and Tilda usually __________ to work. a) drives b) drive c) is drive d) driving

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