Hi, I`m Johanna and I live in Southampton, in a small house, in the suburbs. I`m 19 and I desperately need a job. I know that all of us have at least a bad day during our life, and I want to tell you about mine. As I was surfing the net, looking for a job I discovered one that looked and sounded interesting, babysitter. I would like to be a babysitter because I adore kids. I found the job on a website, I ____, I even ____, I ____ a password for my account, I had ____ so that the employers can see me, and I ____ an application form. I filled it in, but, unfortunately, I ____, so I had to retype it. It wasn’t so annoying, but the worst part was just going to begin. While typing the application form, an ____ appeared on the screen, letting me know that there was something wrong with my windows programme. Suddenly, ____, and ____. So, I decided to turn the laptop down by pressing the button and restarting it. Nothing happened, ____ appeared in front of my eyes. And then, a horrible sound from the inside of my laptop. I was sure ____ It was all gone, my laptop, my future job, my files, my photos, everything….

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