1) How could you start your email? a) Dear ...(name of manager) b) So ...(name of manager) c) Hello / Hi ...(name of manager) d) What a nightmare! 2) Choose the first sentence a) I need to report a problem that happened yesterday. b) Yesterday something bad happen. c) There is a problem yesterday about... 3) Choose a problem to report a) A delivery was missing some items. b) The package from delivery is not correct. c) Missing was some things from the order. 4) Choose what you did about the problem. a) I not want to sign for delivery as missing thing but driver insisted. b) I told the delivery driver there were missing items. c) I speak to driver to say the problem. 5) Say what you want your manager to do a) This company is bad, we should stop buying their stuff b) Call them and tell what is problem. c) Can you call the company to ask when the items will be here? 6) Sign off correctly a) Thank you for your help. b) They is a very annoying company c) Thanks d) Regards




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