This ____ Sara Borowski. She's a ____ in New York. Sara ____ up at 8:00 o'clock in the morning. She ____ her teeth. She always ____ coffee! Sara ____ home and ____ to work. New York City ____ always busy in the morning. Sara never ____. She usually ____ by train. Sometimes she ____ photographs on the journey! Sara ____ in West Brooklyn for a magazine. This is Sara Borowski. She’s a ____ in New York. She loves her ____ and her day is always busy. This is a ____ in her life. Sara gets up at eight o’clock in the ____. She brushes her teeth and has ____. She always makes ____! At eight thirty Sara gets her ____, leaves home and goes to work. New York ____ is always busy in the morning. Sara never drives. She usually travels by ____. Sometimes she takes ____ on the journey! Sara works in West Brooklyn. She works for a ____. Sometimes she works in the office but she often works ____. At one o’clock in the afternoon Sara has ____. She often meets a ____ and goes to her favourite ____. Sara usually finishes work at six and she gets ____ at 6.30pm. Sara has a really nice ____ in East Brooklyn but it’s a little bit small! She sometimes has dinner at a ____ but she usually eats at home. She eats dinner at 7.30pm. In the evening she looks at her ____ on her computer and surfs the ____. She sometimes watches TV. Sara never goes to ____ early. She sometimes stays up until 2 in the ____!

Sara Borowski_Unit 6 _Present Simple Verbs




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