You notice that several of your friends attended a birthday party (that you were not invited to)., You post a picture with a friend on Insta and another friend replies, "Thanks a lot.", Your classmate overtexts you. When he doesn't hear from you, he keeps on going. Then he emails. Then he DM's you.  , Your friend, who is interested in applying to colleges next year, makes lots of inappropriate posts. , Your friend often compares how many likes you both get., You have a friend who doesn't know what to say when he texts so he repeats himself all the time., You are often invited to a group chats that sometimes get ugly., You like playing video games online, but sometimes the people you play against become enraged and threatening., You text a friend about a crush who shares it with your crush., Your friend makes a fake FB account and cruelly trolls people. .

Social Media & Texting Problem Solving




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