Easy Onset - begin by letting a stream of air flow through your vocal folds before beginning your first sound. Air should be lightly streaming as you say the beginning sound of your word. Think of an "H" sound coming out before the sound of your word. , Light Contacts - Your articulators (e.g. lips, teeth, tongue) are lightly touched together to reduce hard contacts when you produce consonant sounds (e.g. B- sound or P- sound). , Stretchy Speech - Stretching your syllables out instead of using pauses between words. (e.g. IIIIwaaatchtheeeegaaaames), Slow Speech - Reducing the rate of speech to talk slower and allow each sound to be articulated. , Phrasing - Pausing and breaking added to sentences where natural breaks and pauses occur (e.g. commas, conjunctions), Stop and Start Over - When stuck on a sound or word, stop and start at the beginning the sound again.,




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