If I could only eat three foods forever, Why you need a younger sibling , How to save money, The worst chores at home, What you would find in my backyard., " I lost It !", Why Tik tok Videos are epic!, Why do families need pets?, Why are sports important?, The smartest cartoon character ever., Why I deserve a raise in my allowance., An important lesson I have learned, The best ride at a theme park , if I had to give away one million dollars., A job I would love to have, What monster would you find under my bed., Favourite restaurant, How to achieve your dreams, What is your dream pet?, Spiders, How to spend a rainy day, Who would you like to be sponsored by?, Who do you admire the most?, Best surprise ever, Most underrated Christmas gift, My three favourite movie stars, Favourite Artist, Three favourite animals, If I could travel through time, The best letter of the alphabet, Great things about snow, Great things about summer, Great things about fall, Great things about spring, How to impress your parents, How to impress the person you like, How to win a debate, Three surprising facts about me, If I could design a car, If I could design a tv, Three things that scare me, My favourite day of the year, Why friends are important, Pick you best super power, If you could fly, If you could spend a day with anyone..., I could have dinner with anyone...., Best movie ever, Least favourite exercise, Favourite dessert.


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