herbivore - an animal which only eats plants, producer - a green plant that uses energy from the sun to produce food. They are the bottom of the food chain., prey - animals predators eat, key - a step by step system used to identify an organism, consumer - animals which eat plants and other animals. , food chain - a list of organisms that shows how the energy moves from one to another, omnivore - an animal or person that eats both plants and animals., predator - an animal that eats another animal. They are at the end of the food chain., carnivore - an animal that feeds on other animals., primary consumer - animal which eats the producer., secondary consumer - primary animals which eat primary consumers. These can be classified in Carnivores or Omnivores. , tertiary consumer - A carnivore which is at the top of the food chain and feeds off other carnivores. , apex predator - predator which no other creatures prey. They reside at the top of the food chain. , scavenger - an animal that feeds carcasses, dead plant material, or refuse,

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