1) Which animal has stripes? a) Tiger b) Lion c) Snake d) Monkey 2) Which animal swings from tree to tree? a) Monkey b) Parrot c) Snake d) Elephant 3) Which animal has a long trunk? a) snake b) elephant c) giraffe d) cat 4) Which animal lives in a swamp a) anteater b) monkey c) crocodile d) zebra 5) Which animal is black and white a) zebra b) lion c) elephant d) monkey 6) What is the top layer of the jungle called? a) roof b) sky c) canopy d) tree 7) Which of these birds lives in the Jungle? a) toucan b) robin c) finch d) owl 8) Which of these is a type of jungle frog? a) tree frog b) lake frog c) swamp frog d) car frog




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