1) This text is: a) a report b) a recipe c) a web forum d) a set of directions 2) The main purpose of this text is to a) instruct b) inform c) entertain d) explain 3) This text uses the following organisational features (select 3) a) image b) caption c) title / heading d) text box e) menu f) hyperlinks 4) There is an error in the cake ingredients. The incorrect word comes straight after: a) 'butter' b) 'plain' c) 'baking' d) 'cocoa' e) 'wine' 5) 1/4 tsp is an abbreviation for:  a) quarter of a tablespoon b) quarter of a teaspoon c) 4 tablespoons d) 4 teaspoons 6) This section of the text is organised into: a) a bulleted list. b) a numbered list. c) paragraphs. d) an alphabetical list. 7) This section of the text tells you: a) how many ingredients you need. b) how to prepare and bake two cakes. c) how to decorate the cake. 8) The first word of each numbered section is: a) a noun b) an adjective c) a verb d) a conjunction 9) How long should you wait before you turn the cakes out of the tins? a) 15 minutes b) 25 minutes c) until a skewer comes out clean d) 30 minutes 10) What do you do as soon as you take the bowl away from the simmering water? a) Whisk until you have shiny peaks. b) Whisk in the vanilla extract. c) Keep whisking for another 2 minutes. 11) The best word or phrase to replace incorporated is: a) accompanied b) united c) deeply inserted d) thoroughly combined  12) The comma in this text is used to separate: a) two clauses b) items in a list c) an introductory phrase d) two sentences

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