I ____ up at 7am and I ____ my teeth and get dressed. At 8am, I get my daughter ready for school. My husband ____ her to school at 9am because I ____ English class. My daughter ____ school at 3pm and I pick her up because my husband ____ at work. I'm in class at the ____ because I ____ learning English. We ____ doing a lot of writing practice. My hand hurts, but I know if I work hard, I will pass my exam. We are ____ a break now. I am ____ to get some coffee. Do you want to come with me? What ____ you do yesterday? I ____ to the cinema with my friend. We ____ the new Batman film. I don't usually like action movies, but this ____ a great film. We ____ popcorn and nachos. I think the food at the cinema is so expensive! After the cinema, we went ____. I ____ ____ anything because I ____ no money left.


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