Year 3 Mathematics

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Multiplication Quiz
Multiplication Quiz Quiz
Place Value Balloon Pop
Place Value Balloon Pop Balloon pop
Yr2/Yr3 times tables
Yr2/Yr3 times tables Gameshow quiz
Comparing length
Comparing length Rank order
8 Times table
8 Times table Maze chase
Arithmetic Quiz
Arithmetic Quiz Quiz
Even and odd numbers
Even and odd numbers Random wheel
Two - digit Numbers
Two - digit Numbers Quiz
2, 5 and 10 times tables
2, 5 and 10 times tables Find the match
Multiplying by 3
Multiplying by 3 Matching pairs
Subtracting Fractions
Subtracting Fractions Random wheel
3 times table
3 times table Match up
2, 5 & 10 times tables Recap
2, 5 & 10 times tables Recap Gameshow quiz
2-Digit Addition
2-Digit Addition Find the match
Comparing statements
Comparing statements Group sort
Matching pairs, x and ÷
Matching pairs, x and ÷ Matching pairs
Adding two, two-digit numbers
Adding two, two-digit numbers Gameshow quiz
Time vocabulary
Time vocabulary Find the match
Maths filler - fractions
Maths filler - fractions Flip tiles
4 Times Tables
4 Times Tables Maze chase
Four Times Table
Four Times Table Random wheel
1,000 read
1,000 read Random wheel
4 times tables
4 times tables Balloon pop
3x maze
3x maze Maze chase
Four Times Tables
Four Times Tables Random wheel
Haneru Rhifau i 30
Haneru Rhifau i 30 Matching pairs
Haneru Quiz
Mixed Silver
Mixed Silver Balloon pop
Mats Quiz!
Mats Quiz! Gameshow quiz
Partitioning Match up
Different Ways of Partitioning
Different Ways of Partitioning Group sort
Multiply by 4
Multiply by 4 Group sort
Partitioning to 1000
Partitioning to 1000 Match up
3 times tables
3 times tables Maze chase
Three - digit Numbers
Three - digit Numbers Open the box
times tables x9
times tables x9 Maze chase
Maths words
Maths words Anagram
Haneru Rhifau i 200
Haneru Rhifau i 200 Matching pairs
Haneru Rhifau i 20
Haneru Rhifau i 20 Matching pairs
Angles match up
Angles match up Matching pairs
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