1) The __________ I hate the most is Maths a) subject b) signature 2) I couldn't agree more. It is a very ______ idea a) sensible b) sensitive 3) Everything is different _____ a) nowadays b) actually 4) All my family lives in England, but I have many _____ in Canada a) parents b) relatives 5) I ____ English classes last year. I got an A in my final grade. a) attended b) assisted 6) ADVERTISE a) Advertir b) Anunciar c) Adivinar 7) The only thing that kept me ______ was music. a) healthy b) sane 8) Lecture a) Lectura b) Conferencia 9) She got ____ soon after her marriage a) embarrassed b) pregnant 10) In his hands he had something _____ in a rag. a) wrapped b) involved 11) His lungs seem to be ______ a) congested b) constipated

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