1) Elsa and Anna are... a) sisters b) brothers c) cousins d) best friends 2) Bart is Homer's... a) brother b) son c) daughter d) father 3) This is Moana's... a) mother b) grandfather c) grandmother d) aunt 4) This is Lilo's a) aunt b) mother c) friend d) sister 5) Lisa and bart are... a) brothers b) siblings c) cousins d) friends 6) Agnes is Gru's a) daughter b) son c) father d) uncle 7) They are... a) brothers b) sisters c) friends d) cousins 8) Coco is Miguel's a) grandmother b) grand grandmother c) mother d) aunt 9) These are Anna and Elsa's... a) fathers b) parents c) mothers d) siblings 10) This is Mulan's... a) grandfather b) father c) brother d) uncle 11) Aladdin is Jasmine's a) boyfriend b) girlfriend c) brother d) cousin 12) Jasmine is his... a) daugther b) sister c) father d) mother 13) They are Merida's... a) brothers b) sisters c) cousins d) friends 14) They are Merida's... a) fathers b) parents c) mothers d) brothers 15) These are Shrek And Fiona's... a) children b) son c) daughter d) siblings

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