1) Select from the options below the impact of removing a dielectric from within a capacitor, leaving only a vacuum. a) Capacitance decreases b) Capacitance increases c) A rupture occurs d) The value remains constant e) Critical magnitude is reached f) Risk of overload 2) Select from the answers below a suitable materials (insulators) know as dielectrics  a) Copper b) Mica c) Ceramic d) Gold e) Air f) Wood 3) From the answers provided, select a component element of a common capacitor a) Electrodes b) Dipoles c) PN junction d) Can e) Wiper f) Leads 4) What effect does distance have on the capacitance of a capacitor? a) Increase the capacitance b) Decrease the capacitance c) Increases the risk of electric shock d) Improves efficiency e) Provides additional protection 5) From the answers provided select a common industrial application for a capacitor a) Filtering b) Blocking AC c) Step down voltage d) Half volt testing e) Smoothing 6) How many electrons passing a single point in a circuit qualifies 1Ampere  a) 6.24 x 1018 b) 45 x 1016 c) 2.35x10-12 d) 6.44 x 1018 7) Which formula best represents the value of a capacitor? a) Q= C x V b) 0.5 x C x V2 c) C = Q / V d) C = V / Q e) V2 x Q = C 8) What effect would be observed should a capacitor be employed to smooth a rectified waveform be undersized? a) Voltage sag would be observed b) Critical magnitude would be reached c) Signal oscillation d) A steady state current would be observed

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