1) If 24 pieces of coal are shared equally between 6 snowmen how many pieces of coal does each snowman get? 2) If 21 snowmen are divided into 3 equal rows, how many snowmen are in each row? 3) A round sled costs $32 and is 4 times more than a rectangular sled costs. How much does a rectangular sled cost? 4) If 18 mittens are being packaged 6 to a bag how many bags are needed? 5) 36 cookies are arranged in equal rows of 9 cookies. How many rows are there? 6) The third graders made 28 snowballs. They want to share them equally between 4 kids how many snowballs will each kid get? 7) Ms Miller has 36 cookies. She wants to give each kid 6 cookies. How many kids can she give cookies to?  8) A jacket costs $40 and that is 4 times as much as a neck warmer. How much does a neck warmer cost? 9) Chocolate chip cookies cost $12 sugar cookies cost $4. How many times as much do the chocolate chip cookies cost than the sugar cookies? 10) Ms Beth bought 4 evenly divided boxes of muffins to class. There are 36 muffins all together how many muffins are in each box?





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