1) He _________ into the trees. a) dissapeared b) disapered c) disappeared d) dissappeared 2) Cycling can help you build your ______. a) strenhth  b) strentgh c) strength d) strenght 3) The witness wasn't able to _________ the robber. a) describe b) disscribe c) descraibe d) discribe 4) I need a ______ to calm down. a) minyt b) minute c) mynute d) mynit 5) ________ means to become progressively greater. a) increese b) increase c) increaze d) increas 6) ________ is really important to learn. a) grammar b) grammer c) gramma d) gramar 7) They didn't ________ to be moving quickly. a) aper b) appeer c) apear d) appear 8) Bananas are my _________ fruits. a) favorit b) favourite  c) favorite d) favuorite 9) He walked ______ across the road. a) straight b) streight c) straihgt d) streyt 10) It is _______ to listen in class.  a) imbortant b) important c) inportant d) importand

Y4 Common exception words -quiz




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