Parallel - What P is a type of play where children play alongside each other, Forest - What F is a type of school where children are encouraged to play and learn outdoors , Associative - What A is a type of play where children mimic each other , Vygotsky - Which V is a theorist who stated that children learn actively by hands on experiences, Flexible - What F what your routine needs to be in order to meet children’s changing needs , Risk - What R is what needs to be assessed but not discouraged if a child is to learn and become confident in their play , Demographics - What D is a word given to studies of a population based on factors such as age, race, sex, economic status, level of education, income level and employment, among others , Heuristic - What H is a name given to play that involves natural materials , Boundaries - What B a word that needs to be applied to play when supervising children , Integrated - What I is play that describes a balance between both adult and child initiated play , Autonomous - What A is a word that describes how a child behaves in play when they are independent and freely choosing activities? , Egocentric - What E a word that describes self centred behaviour that can be seen in both toddlers and teenagers , Construction - What C is an area of play that involves Lego and bricks, Gallery - What G what you could you make using children’s own paintings to show parents , Kinesthetic - What K is a word that describes a someone who prefers to have hands on learning , Maslow - What M is a theorist who talked about a hierarchy of needs, Outdoor - What O is play that should be provided during a child’s day ,




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