1) I am ______ my kite now. a) fly b) flying c) flew d) flied e) flies 2) Yesterday we ________ TV with my friend. a) watching b) watch c) watched d) watches 3) My parents are __________ for a bus at the moment. a) waiting b) waited c) wait d) waits 4) I ________ this comic last year. a) am reading b) read c) reads 5) I _______ a lot of milk every day a) drink b) drank c) drinking d) drinks 6) Helen _________ a lot last week. a) studying b) studies c) study d) studied 7) I ________ tennis every Saturday. a) play b) plays c) playing d) played 8) Las month we __________ to school by bus. a) went b) goed c) go d) goes 9) I _______ my homework on Friday, so I can have rest this weekend. a) doed b) do c) does d) did 10) My brother _______ too much ice-cream yesterday. a) eat b) eated c) ate d) eats 11) I _______ tired yesterday evening, so I _______________ to bed. a) was, goed b) were, went c) weren´t, went d) was, went 12) My Mom ________ happy about my exam mark. a) weren´t b) isn´t c) wasn´t d) were




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