Ladybug - I am a round insect. I eat leaves. I can be found in a garden. I am red and can have a lot of black spots or none. , Skateboard - I am rectangular with round edges. I can be found at the park or outside. I have four wheels., Starfish   - I am found in the ocean. I am usually pink. am a living creature. I am shaped like a star. I, I am found in your house. Sometimes in a bathroom or bedroom. I can be big or small. You can see yourself when you look at me. - Mirror , Jellyfish - I am super squishy but don't touch me because I will sting you. I can be clear or pink. I am found in the ocean. , I am found in the jungle. I am very big and black. I am furry. I only eat grass and vegetables. You can find me in a zoo or a pack.  - Gorilla, Pencil  - I am yellow and sharp. I am made out of wood. I have lead inside of me. I can be found in your classroom or your room. , Piano - I make music and am a instrument. I am very big. I come in black, brown, or white. I have white and black keys you press to make sound. , You can see me in the sky. I am sometimes light and sometimes dark. I have water inside of me. I can also hide the sun. - Clouds, Tire - I am round and black. I am made of rubber. If you break me on the road you can be in trouble., Popcorn - I am a food that's yellow and small. I taste salty. I smell really good. You can eat me when you watch a movie. , I am small and usually golden. I am hard and used to open locks. You may need me to get into your house. - Key, I can help you see. I come in all shapes and sizes. You wear me on your head. - Glasses, You can see me at night. I am really big. I am shaped like a circle and I am yellow. I am very far away from you. - Moon, I am big and brown. I have big claws. I can be found in a forest. I am a mammal. I have sharp teeth.  - Bear , I have big round yellow eyes. I may be brown or white. I can fly. I hunt for food at night. I have feathers. - Owl, I am shaped like a circle. I come in all colors. You can find me at parties. If I break I make a loud sound.  - Balloon,  Milk - You can find me in a fridge. I come from a cow. I am a white liquid. , I am soft and come in many colors. You use me at night. I can be found in a bedroom or a living room. - Pillow, Earth - I am blue and green. I am very big and round. I am a planet. The green is land and the blue is the ocean. ,


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