The cat jumped ____ the fence. My mum got a ____ car. I like the ____ of bagpipes. You should not ____ things without asking. He is ____ six years old. I got a ____ book instead of a big one. I must do my ____ before I can play. I ____ all the planets in our solar system. I live in a ____ called Edinburgh. She is 34 ____ old. I would like to ____ on Mars. No one in my class is as tall as ____. "Hey! Give me that ____!" I want to ____ some money to charity. I have some tokens, but my friend has the ____. My teacher says I am ____ nice. ____ school, I will go home and watch Netflix. "What's that ____ over there?", she asked. ____ house has a back garden. I ____ need a minute to pack my bag. Their ____ is Andy. If you do something ____, you will make someone happy. You need to put a full stop at the end of every ____. I saw a ____ walking his dog. Your brain helps you ____.

Fry's Common Words (2nd 100, 1st 25) - Complete the Sentence




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