Tongue - Helps dissolve some of the food in your mouth by swishing it around., Esophagus - When you swallow, the food goes down this tube slowly into your stomach., Epiglottis - Closes over your windpipe to make sure that the food you eat goes down the esophagus and not the "wrong pipe"., Small Intestine - A long, coiled-up tube. It breaks down the food you eat into small units., Large Intestine - Is a fatter, shorter tube that has 2 functions: absorbs water from waste and sends it into the bloodstream, and passes the waste into the rectum., Pancreas - Produces the enzymes that support your body's digestion., Appendix - Its function is unknown and can be surgically removed, just like your tonsils, Gall Bladder - When you eat, this body part squirts bile into your small intestine., Liver - Works like a factory and a warehouse for the digestive system. It makes and stores the vitamins and nutrients for your body., Stomach - Where the food gets broken down into liquid by churning it and is attacked by powerful digestive juices.,




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