Dari and her mum are making a cake., Madi is playing the piano., Viki and his friends are watching some favourite videos. , Kala is drinking orange juice., Are you painting a picture?, Is dad washing the car?, Are Rada and Vasko playing table tennis?, Koki is smiling to the teacher., Miss Leda is making a salad., Are Grandma and Grandpa sleeping?, Is Stasi playing with her cat in the living room?, The dog is running in the garden. , Are you singing a song?, Are you pointing at the screen now?, Is Lini reading a book about Harry Potter at the moment? , Marti is playing a grammar game now! , Radina and Vanessa are drawing beautiful pictures. , Nikola is studying English. , Is Yavor listening to music at the moment? , Kamen is writing his homework. , Is Niya doing gymnastics now?, Bobi and Maxi are playing in the green classroom. .

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