1) I _________ sight of an old friend of mine when I went to the bank yesterday. a) saw b) caught c) set d) gained 2) All that was left for breakfast were some _______ rolls and tea. a) stale b) rotten c) sour d) rancid 3) With all his experience he intends to _______ up a computer business with his brother. a) put b) lay c) get d) set 4) He decided to go ________ his family begged him not to. a) although b) despite c) otherwise d) if 5) The child fell down and _________ her knee. a) skimmed b) grazed c) rubbed d) scrubbed 6) There were some unwashed cups __________ neatly in the sink. a) erected b) stacked c) ordered d) ranked 7) Tins of things: they seemed particularly _______ of tinned peaches, there was whole pile of tins of peaches. a) crazy b) loving c) fond d) likeable 8) When a work project _____________ me the opportunity to return to New Zealand a) provided b) offered c) enabled d) presented 9) The opportunity to return to New Zealand, I spent several weeks ______ a country I had left in my early twenties. a) regaining b) recapturing c) refamiliarising d) rediscovering 10) The people rush to your assistance if they see you ______ over a map. a) pointing b) doubting c) clamouring d) puzzling

Advanced Use of English Part I




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