You probably think this is a parent asking the question to their child. But many children ____ now helping their single parents find love, too. Charlotte and Clint are very close. They often ____ together in the evening, they're planning a trip to India for later in the year, and they're both Bruce Springsteen fans. But Charlotte ____ that Clint needs a new partner, and he ____. Clint Bouchez, a 52-year-old businessman from Reigate, Surrey, got divorced ten years ago. His daughter, 26-year-old Charlotte, ____ her dad to ____ alone - her mum remarried five years ago, and Charlotte ____ a boyfriend. ‘My dad ____ the perfect man,’ she ____. ‘He’s warm, he’s generous, he knows how ____ a woman, how ____ a woman. He's a gentleman. He’s always the one who ____ on dates. He’s romantic and he’s fun.




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