1) When the cat wants inside, he will PAW at the door. a) an animal's foot b) to scratch or hit 2) The farmer added a final POST to the fence. a) a wooden pole b) to list something for others to view 3) The campers made a FIRE to cook their hot dogs. a) burning to produce heat, light and flames b) to tell someone they lost a job 4) The wolf PACK attacked the zebra. a) to place clothing and belongings into a suitcase for a trip b) a group of animals 5) POLICE the area for litter. a) to continue to watch for something b) officer whose job is to keep their community safe 6) Can you HANDLE watching the baby? a) something you grab to hold onto b) to manage or control 7) Gabe had to TRACK his math facts progress. a) a path b) to keep track of information 8) Mom needed a book of STAMPS so she could pay her bills. a) to stomp your foot b) a sticky square purchased to allow for mailing letters 9) What's all that RACKET outside the window? a) noise b) what is used to hit a tennis ball 10) The porch had to BEAR the weight of the 2nd flood of the house. a) hold up b) a furry wild animal that lives in the forrest 11) Emma put the clay in the MOLD to make a fossil. a) fungus b) a frame or form to change the shape of an object 12) The duck's BILL got caught in the fishing hook. a) a note of money owed to someone b) a beak 13) When I was taking the trash out at night, I saw a BAT fly in the air. a) animal b) wooden stick c) tool d) garbage 14) As the mailman delivered the mail, he heard a loud BARK from inside the house. a) beeping b) tree covering c) a dog's noise d) yell 15) If you CAN run fast, you should join the running team. a) container b) able to c) have to d) bottle 16) The kids will PLAY together this summer when school is out. a) perform b) a drama or show c) learn d) have fun 17) He ate his cereal in a BOWL each morning before school. a) sport b) dish c) alley d) kitchen 18) The grocery bag was LIGHT because it was packed with bread and hotdog buns. a) lamp b) not heavy c) sunshine d) bright 19) My teacher wears a WATCH on his wrist so he always knows when class starts. a) see b) look at c) timepiece d) guard 20) The twins each wore GLASSES after the visit to the eye doctor. a) material b) holds a drink c) part of a house d) tools to help you see better 21) A RULER decided that the country would have fair laws. a) measuring tool b) unit c) leader d) subject 22) Spring break is a perfect time to go on a TRIP as a family. a) fall b) vacation c) location d) joke




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