I am 12 years old - How old are you?, I am Spanish - What nationality are you?, By running - How do you...?, Twice a week. - How often do you...?, Because i have lost my cat. - Why are you sad?, 250 Euros - How much?, By bus. - How do you go to...?, In the morning. - When do you...?, My best friend. - Who...?, I prefer the white one. - Which one do you prefer?, It's mine. - Whose...is this?, 5 cups of flour - How much flour do you need?, 10 points - How many points...?, He is tall and slim with curly black hair - What does he look like?, At the supermarket. - Where...?, 10 euros - How much?, I have got 2 brothers and 1 sister. - How many siblings do you have?, I prefer the green pen. - Which pen do you prefer?, Today is my birthday. - When is your birthday?, My mum is 45 and my dad is 46. - How old are your parents?,

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