1) If he meets again Susan, ... a) he'd tell me. b) he'll tell me. c) he told me d) if he tells me 2) If I don't finish my homework, ... a) my teacher get angry. b) my teacher got angry. c) my teacher will get angry. d) if my teachergets angry. 3) You get drunk if... a) you drink too much alcohol. b) you'll drink too much alcohol. c) you drank too much alcohol. d) you are drunk. 4) We'll cancel the match... a) if it rained. b) if it rain. c) if it rains. d) if it will rain. 5) We'll call you if... a) we'll get lost. b) we got lost. c) we'd get lost. d) we get lost. 6) If all goes well, ... a) they 'll get married in June. b) they get married in June. c) they'd get married in June. d) if they'll get married in June. 7) If my little sister has a nightmare, ... a) she'll cry. b) she cried. c) she'd cry. d) she cries. 8) If you run faster, your brother ... a) won't catch you. b) wouldn't catch you. c) doesn't catch you. d) not catch you. 9) The parents ... very upset if the boys fight again. a) will be b) would be c) are d) be 10) I'll bring him a present if he ... me at his party. a) invite b) invited c) invites d) 'll invite 11) If they ... come to the party, they'll call me. a) could b) can c) will can d) will 12) ... at home if tomorrow it snows. a) We'd stay b) We'll stay c) We stay d) We stayed 13) If you wake up late, ... late for work. a) you are b) you'd be c) you'll be d) you be 14) ... if he goes on a boat. a) He get seasick b) He gets seasick c) he'd get seasick d) He got seasick

[IT English A2+/B1] [Module 2] [L2] [AI]




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