1) Where do you plant flowers and vegetables? a) Forest b) Garden c) Lake 2) What do you open when it is raining? a) Door b) Rainboots c) Umbrella 3) What hatches out of an egg? a) Chick b) Lamb c) Egg 4) When do you fly a kite? a) When it is sunny b) When it is windy c) When it is rainy 5) Where do rainboots go? a) On your feet b) On your head c) On your arms 6) Where do birds live? a) a nest b) the sky c) a burrow 7) Who hops? a) Chick b) Rabbit c) Umbrella 8) What can you jump in for fun when it's raining? a) Puddle b) Tree c) Garden 9) When do you need an umbrella? a) When it's windy b) At night c) When it's raining 10) Who tells us about the weather? a) Weatherman/meteorologist b) Teachers c) Doctors




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