Claire ____ to dance lessons every Saturday. ____ Daniel ____ in a pet shop? Her children ____ watching movies at the cinema. Paul and I ____ TV very often. Why ____ the answers of the exam? In Pictionary you ____ use words or symbols. I think that all mice ____ cheese. Jenny ____ things easily. ____ your school bus arrive on time in the morning? Mr. Baron ____ English in high school every day. Look! The sun ____ behind the mountains now. The football players ____ in the field at the moment. I'll call you later. I ____ dinner right now. Thomas and Paloma ____ on the phone; so, I can't use it. They need to practice more. They ____ terribly. Shhhh! The baby ____. We don't want to wake him up. I am disappointed. Those guys ____ for their tests. Jane does not want to see the doctor. I think she ____ a bit foolish now. What book ____ now? My brother ____ my jackets without asking!




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