1) Nathan set up 26 dominoes, 14 fell down at first. Then 10 more fell down. How many were left? 2) The Pink Panther had 5 groups of toys. Each group had 3 toys. He gave 5 toys to a friend. How many toys does he have? 3) Mrs. Nelson had 100 points in Angry Birds. Mrs. Stephens had 75 points. If Nathan had 50, how many points would they have all together? 4) It cost 90 dollars to get into Disneyland. Nathan spent 20 dollars on lunch and 25 dollars at the arcade. How much did he spend altogether? 5) Mrs. Lowdermilk asked 12 people to come swim. Nathan asked 10 people. 8 people had to leave after lunch. How many were left?




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