Weather: The high temperature today was 58°F., It rained on Friday last week., The temperature yesterday was 90°F., It was very sunny outside today., It is supposed to storm one day next week., It snowed 3 inches last night., The sky is supposed to be clear tonight., I need to wear a coat because it will be cold tonight., There is a tornado warning tonight., It is 63°F outside right now., Climate: The desert is a very hot and dry place., It rained 36 inches this year., It was hotter this year than 20 years ago., It almost never snows in Texas., It rained 30 inches more this year than 50 years ago., It rains about 2 inches every year in June., It has never gotten below 70°F in July., The rainforest is always very warm and humid., The outside temperature in the summer rises 2°F every year., Alaska is cold all year-round.,




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