Foreshadowing: Hints that an author provides as clues for what may happen later in the plot's development., Ari and his dad were driving home from soccer practice when the snow began. Mr. Gold switched on the windshield wipers and frowned. "I wish I'd had a chance to get new tires," he said. "Ours are really worn out." , Flashback: An interruption in the plot's sequence of events that takes a reader back to an earlier time to show something that happened in the past. t., The snowball smacked Walter in the shoulder. He turned and saw Crenshaw and his friends laughing. Like a flood, the memory of a snowball exploding into his face in fourth grade filled him. Big Andre had thrown that one. The kids had had a good laugh. Walter charged Crenshaw. "How do you like it?" he yelled, as he pushed Crenshaw's startled face into the snow.  , Irony: When the opposite of what is expected occurs., The name of America's biggest dog was "Tiny"., Symbolism: An object that stands for a great idea, which allows writers to suggest layers of meaning., Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete?,

Literary Devices / Plot Structure





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