1) ______________ catastrophe a) burning b) environment c) environmentally d) environmental 2) _____________ energy sources a) renewable b) renew c) renewally d) environmental 3) _____________ the burning of fossil fuels a) renew b) reduction c) reduce d) footprint 4) ___________ flooding a) leading b) soaring c) environmental d) widespread 5) _______________ temperatures a) soaring b) widespread c) renewable d) poor 6) a ______________ climate think tank a) leading b) burning c) footprint d) soaring 7) reduce our carbon _____________ a) prints b) fingerprint c) footprint d) tracks 8) _____________ air quality a) widespread b) poor c) soaring d) burning 9) ______________ emissions a) environmental b) soaring c) harmful d) poor 10) changing weather _____________ a) patterns b) vanes c) prints d) footprints 11) ____________ sea levels a) risen b) raising c) lifting d) rising 12) to __________ climate change a) migrate b) mitigate c) migraine d) dampen




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