1) Why hasn't she ... her best friend? a) asked b) eaten c) gone d) drunk e) built f) played 2) When have they ... all those sweets? a) drunk b) played c) bought d) visited e) stayed f) been 3) Has Tessa ever ... to London with her family? a) watched b) visited c) thought d) been e) stayed f) read 4) How often have you already ... about the problem? a) seen b) thought c) danced d) said e) built f) drunk 5) Who have you ... about that accident? a) watched b) done c) told d) heard e) visited f) been 6) How many people have you already ... spoken to about my presentation? a) spoken b) eaten c) taught d) thought e) visited f) built

Present Perfect: Questions: Complete the questions with the most suitable past participle.




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