1) Which room is the Animal room in college? a) B005 b) The Room of Requirement c) A005 d) E019 e) A018 f) E017 2) When is the internal deadline for university (UCAS) applications this year? a) Dec 5th b) Nov 5th c) Oct 31st d) Dec 31st e) July 2nd f) Sept 10th 3) What is the name of Stu's hamster? a) Roy b) Winky c) Scrubber d) Hermione e) Penny f) Fluffy 4) What is a group of crows called? a) A massacre b) A murder c) A total nightmare flippin eck!!! d) A mugging e) A fear f) A thriller 5) A shark's tail is also called what? a) Caudal fin b) Dorsal fin c) Swishy fin d) Swimmy fin e) Pectoral fin f) Ganglean fin 6) Crested geckos are diurnal. a) False b) True 7) What is the fee you have to pay for applying to university? a) $100,000,000 b) It's free c) £20 d) Your soul e) No win, no fee!!! f) A sausage roll 8) Who does Boba Fett kill in the post credits sequence of the final episode of season 2 of The Mandalorian? a) Bob b) Kleb Kreet c) Snark Jopra d) Bib Fortuna 9) What year was the Animal Welfare Act established? a) 2004 b) 2006 c) 1999 d) 2010 e) 1954 f) 1981 10) What is the safe chemical we use to clean mammals? a) Agent Orange b) Safey McSafe Face c) Safe 4 d) Super Safe e) Mr. Safe f) Safe and Sassy




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