When you will be available for an interview and to work, Your experience of working with the public, Languages spoken, Your specific language skills, Reason for wanting to work in Germany, Which games, sports and activities you could help to organise, Your experience of working with young people, Previous contacts with German speaking countries, Your experience of working at functions or events, How you can contribute to the day to day running of the hostel, Your experience of travelling to and visiting other countries, What kind of office work you are able to do, Why you would like to work in ‘Paris’, Your view on modern communication technology/networking, What you hope to learn during your time with the Berlin firm, How you can contribute towards kitchen work, What you hope to get out of this experience, Any questions you may have about the job, A request for information about the working hours, Your plans for accommodation in Hamburg, How you can contribute to the day to day running of the restaurant.

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