1) The mouse is ... than the cat.  a) smaller b) bigger c) stronger 2) The puppy is ... than the rabbit.  a) dirtier b) bigger c) better 3) Your car is ... than mine! a) faster b) fatter c) stronger 4) Bananas are ... than pineapples.  a) cuter b) bigger c) cheaper 5) My cat is ... than my dog.  a) more dangerous b) older c) worse 6) Shrek 2 is ... than Shrek 1.  a) worse b) better c) funnier 7) A rainy day is... than a sunny day. a) good b) better c) worse 8) Angela is ... than Betty.  a) fatter b) shorter c) taller 9) Pandas are ... than lions. a) slower b) faster c) more dangerous 10) The cats are ... than the tigers. a) cuter b) weaker c) stronger 11) The bear is ... than the monkey. a) cleaner b) dirtier 12) Horses are ... than cows. a) quicker b) slower 13) Giraffes are ... than hippos. a) taller b) more tall c) tall 14) Bears are ... than monkeys. a) weaker b) stronger 15) Kangaroos are ... than bats. a) more dirtier b) smaller c) bigger 16) This car is .... than my bike. a) more expensive b) cheaper 17) Sharks are ... at swimming than kangaroos. a) worse b) better 18) The rose is ....than grass. a) more beautiful b) beautifuller 19) Dolphins are ... at climbing than monkeys. a) worse b) bader 20) This house is ....than my house. a) moderner b) more modern




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