1) This shape has 4 equal sides a) square b) triangle c) rectangle d) oval 2) This shape has 3 sides a) square b) triangle c) oval d) diamond 3) What is this shape? a) circle b) oval c) triangle d) square 4) What shape is this? a) square b) circle c) rectangle d) diamond 5) This shape sometimes sparkles a) circle b) square c) oval d) diamond 6) Eggs are this shape a) diamond b) circle c) oval d) square 7) What are these? a) candies b) windows c) shapes d) colours 8) Which is the biggest shape a) square b) rectangle c) circle d) triangle 9) Which is the smallest shape a) blue circle b) red circle c) yellow square d) black square 10) The Artist has used what shapes for the eyes a) squares b) triangles c) stars d) circles




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