1) I (go) to the space. a) will go b) go will c) go'll 2) She (throw) the ball to the dog. a) throw will b) throw'll c) will throw 3) The new president (not be) happy with the situation. a) not will be b) will not be c) be'll not 4) __________ your mom and dad (come) to the show? a) will....come b) do will.... come c) come.... will 5) They say they (not bring) the cake. a) will not bring b) do not will bring c) not bring 6) The cook (can) take the soup out. a) will can b) will be able to c) can'll'n't 7) When__________ the car (stop) making the noise? a) stop will... not b) will... stop c) stop'll 8) Who__________ (write) the new book? a) write will b) do write c) will write 9) I (not like) the new movie, I know it! a) will not like b) do not like will c) liken't 10) Their dogs (lie) on you if you let them. a) will lie b) lie will c) lie




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